Thursday, August 24, 2017

Here a hexie, there a hexie

Everywhere a hexie, hexie...

Yesterday I visited Elm Street Quilts blog.  The post was about hexagons/hexies.  I commented about all the things I've created with my hexies.  Here are a few:

The first two quilts are completed as well as the zippered bag at the bottom of the last photo.  As you can see, I've started another Grandmother's Flower Garden and have many hexagons/hexies finished.  I'd like to make a twin size bed quilt.  I guess you could say I have quite a bit more to do.

On another blog (and I'm sorry I can't remember which one), I commented that I believe a Supreme Slider was the single most help for me to do Free Motion Quilting.  I mentioned that I had learned FMQ years ago, encouraged to try after watching some videos during Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project.  At one point I had Leah's book 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs  but have lost it somewhere along the way.  I haven't quilted in quite awhile so I was curious whether I could still do it.  So I took this block I had on hand and quilted it.  Granted it's just a stipple design, but the quilting went pretty well.  As I added the binding it became clear that my binding skills are a little rusty.  I'll have to work on that.
Forest Paths

Hope you have a good day.

-- Pat

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  1. Love your hexie projects! I have one that was started many years ago. It will get finished some day.