Saturday, September 9, 2017

I'm excited!

A few weeks ago, one of the editors at Quiltmaker Quilty Pleasures blog requested photos of quilts using the color brown.  As some of you know, I use a lot of brown fabric so I sent along a few photos of my quilts.  Guess what?  Three of them were included in this post Quilty Pleasures Blog -- Brown Part 2.  I never expected any of my quilts would be blogged about.  Very cool!  Check it out!

I rearranged my sewing space (again) last night with the intention to help relieve back pain while cutting and piecing.  I took a grooming table and placed a table top on it and moved a small dresser away from the wall and placed my ironing mat on it.

This puts everything at a more comfortable height.  The little dresser is going to be perfect to keep some of my sewing supplies in, which will be nice since Speckles likes to help me with them.  I put my new ironing board in the closet to be used when I'm doing something other than piecing.  I rearranged the closet some and intend to buy a few more storage bins.  I need to give a little more thought to this before I buy anything else.  Maybe I can re-purpose something else.

Speckles found something new to play with.  When I first bought my machine, I had to pad the knee lever which lifts and lowers the presser foot so that I could reach it better.  I did a quick fix by wrapping it with layers of batting and masking tape.  Did you know batting is fun to scratch at?  I found a solution.  My sister sent me some 'cat' socks.  I placed one over the end of the knee lift lever.  We'll see how that works.

Here are the two blocks I pieced today:


Darting Birds

Hope you're enjoying your day.

-- Pat


  1. I've never had a "knee lift" always a foot pedal...
    do you like it better and is it better for your back do you think?
    Congrats on your being featured on Quilty Pleasures blog...hugs, Julierose

  2. How fun to be featured on the Quilty Pleasures blog! Congrats! I love your solution to encourage Speckles to find a more appropriate play thing.